About Us

For over 30 years, the founders of Bluvale have been producing Singapore’s finest beds and major upholstery components for chairs and sofas - all in the Republic of Singapore.  Now we are on a mission to make great furniture and quality beds available to all.

Because the traditional retail scene is burdened by the high cost of owning multiple shopfronts and inflexible supply chains, furniture and bedding products are often priced at twice the actual fair price you should be paying.  We at Bluvale differentiate ourselves by trimming away all that unncessary markups and by offering you great products directly from the factory.   What you get is furniture that is affordable to all without compromising on purity of design, functionality, and durability.  


We aim to be a better way of buying furniture;  and it takes a maker of things to know the quality of things.

Magic Koil: Singapore Heritage in a Mattress