1. Can I make a deposit first?
    We only accept full payment up front before processing the order.
  2. Must I pay a delivery charge?
    Delivery shall be free of charge when the total amount of the bill is S$150.00 or more. There is a surcharge of S$40.00 for any order below S$150.00.
  3. Is there a shop front to try out the mattresses?
    We operate online so as to circumvent cumbersome costs such as rental, which are commonly the main reasons mattresses are so pricey. At this moment we do not have a physical presence and that allows us to pass on great savings to our customers.
  4. Why don't you have more mattress models?
    We practise a "less is more" philosophy. We clocked in approximately 2500 man hours of intense research and trials to figure out the comfort factor that would suit most individuals, and through those trials we were able to develop a few models we would like to think are close to perfection. This approach allows us to streamline our production and achieve economies of scale, which would in turn allow us to sell a high quality mattress at an extremely affordable price point.