Shipping & Delivery

  1. In highly urbanized Singapore, most deliveries are made to apartments and flats in multi-storied buildings and therefore require access to lifts. We wish to remind customers that it is their responsibility to assess whether the lifts in their residential premises can facilitate the transportation of the ordered goods to the final destination. Mattresses and divans of queen or king sizes may not fit into the lifts of older public housing estates.
  2. Certain structures such as spiral staircases and highly inaccessible areas can cause delivery efforts to be abortive.  We reserve the right to follow through with the delivery only to the extent that is feasible for our delivery team and deposit the purchased goods near the final destination if obstruction prevents further advancement. Therefore, we ask that customers consult us prior to the delivery being made should they see a possibility of logistical complications.
  3. In the event that access to lift is impossible, during delivery in any multi-storied complex, climbing flights of stairs to reach the destination will be the next course of action. After the climbing two sets of stairs (that is to climb two storeys), subsequent storeys required to climb will incur a surcharge of S$20.00/storey climbed.
  4. For deliveries made to landed estates, climbing the first flight of stairs will be free of charge. A surcharge of S$20.00 will be incurred for every subsequent flight of stairs travelled. 
  5. As a general guideline, delivery time is determined and scheduled based on the postal code of the address. We seek your understanding on this matter.  After an order is placed, our staff will reach out to you through email to advise you on the estimated time taken to have your purchase delivered to your doorstep.
  6. Bluvale reserves the right to administer alterations to our shipping and delivery policies as and when circumstances deem it necessary without further notice.
  7. We can only make deliveries to destinations in the main island of Singapore and Sentosa.